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Pediatric sedation dentistry can help your children endure difficult procedures and keep their fears of the dentist at bay. Laughing gas for kids, IV sedation and nitrous oxide conscious sedation are a few of the techniques your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, NY has at his disposal. So whether you require a special needs pediatric dentistry, a children’s emergency dentist or just the best pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, you’ve found him at Brooklyn Pediatric Dentistry Center!

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Children can often feel nervous or anxious when faced with a new experience or environment, such as a dental office. As a pediatric dental practice, we take great care to ensure our young patients feel relaxed, but sometimes a little additional help is needed, and this is when we may suggest sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry pediatric dentist Brooklyn NYThere are two main kinds of sedation used by your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn: conscious and unconscious sedation.

Conscious sedation is administered orally, intravenously or by inhalation. This form places your kids in a calm state so the procedure isn’t prolonged or complicated by agitation or squirming. A children’s dentist in Brooklyn understands that these first dental encounters may shape your children’s ideas of dentists for a lifetime.

General anesthesia puts them completely under for the length of the procedure. There are instances when general anesthesia is required during a dental procedure, such as for an extraction or a lengthy root canal. Unconscious sedation isn’t often done, as these procedures aren’t always the best treatment options for children.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

When your child has an accident or a sports injury requiring an emergency dentist for kids, your nearest pediatric urgent care in Brooklyn is able to help. Your nearby office of pediatric dentistry of Brooklyn can safely use sedation on children for many of these emergency dental surgeries.

When you’re looking for the best dentist for kids, one of your main concerns is the safety of the procedures used. The sedatives used by Brooklyn Pediatric Dentistry Center specialists are completely safe for your kids. The methods are chosen based on the procedure. Choices include:

  • Nitrous oxide conscious sedation. Nitrous oxide conscious sedation is the least invasive form of sedation. More commonly known as laughing gas for kids, it calms your child’s nerves about the procedure. A special needs pediatric dentist uses this form of sedation to keep your child calm too.
  • Mild sedation. Typically used during procedures for older children and adults, this allows your child to remain calm while awake so they can follow your Brooklyn dentist’s instructions.
  • Moderate sedation. This is a slightly deeper level of sedation, during which your child is sleepier than with mild sedation, but can still follow the instructions of the dentist. Memory loss of the procedure is common among most children when moderately sedated.
  • IV sedation. In NYC pediatric sedation dentistry, IV sedation may become troublesome for children who are already afraid of the procedure when they learn they will have to deal with a needle at the same time.
  • General anesthesia. This method of sedation is typically reserved for the most complicated procedures such as the removal of several teeth, impacted wisdom teeth or when your child is extremely worried about a procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Most people know nitrous oxide sedation as laughing gas, and many parents will have already had this form of sedation during their dental treatment. Nitrous oxide sedation is a form of conscious sedation, so your child will remain fully awake and able to communicate with us at any time during their treatment.

What is Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation?

Nitrous oxide is an oxide of nitrogen, and we can adjust the exact mixture of the gas during treatment to ensure your child remains comfortable. The nitrous oxide is given to your child using a small, comfortable mask fitted over their nose. They can inhale the gas, and it takes effect very quickly, inducing a sensation of relaxation and mild euphoria; nitrous oxide is also called happy gas in some countries.

During treatment, your child will be fully aware of their treatment and can respond to our dental team. Afterward, when we complete treatment, we turn off the gas and remove the mask. This form of sedation dentistry reverses very rapidly, as the body soon gets rid of the gas.

The effect of nitrous oxide is quite minimal, but it can greatly help children who feel slightly anxious or nervous about dental treatment and who only need a bit of extra help in coping. Children who feel more deeply anxious or who need lengthier treatment might need IV sedation.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Intravenous sedation provides a more moderate level of sedation, and the sedative is given through a vein, so it enters the bloodstream immediately and takes effect very quickly. We can adjust the level of sedation provided during treatment to ensure your child is sedated to a comfortable level for their needs.

With IV sedation, it is quite usual for patients to feel so comfortable that they feel very drowsy or will even fall asleep. However, we can easily rouse them if needed, and they can still respond to our dental team. The sedative used during IV sedation has amnesiac qualities, meaning your child will most likely remember very little or nothing about their treatment. It might seem to them that only a few minutes have passed, when in fact, they have just had quite a lengthy appointment.

Intravenous sedation is an excellent option for children who feel deeply anxious about receiving dental treatment. After we complete treatment using intravenous sedation, we will keep your child with us for a while until we are certain that they have recovered enough for you to take them home safely.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Any form of sedative carries a certain level of risk, but we take every precaution to minimize these risks to children. Before we give any child sedation dentistry, we will need to review their complete medical history with you, or sometimes with their pediatrician as well. We want to make sure there are no underlying health conditions or medications that could make them less suitable for sedation dentistry.

Benefits from the Best Dentist for Kids

Sedation dentistry greatly increases the speed of the procedure for your youngsters and for the dentist. Procedures that take hours in real time feel like they last minutes to kids after they wake up. The time required for more complex procedures that tend to need multiple visits is reduced, too, as your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn gets more time to work when he can use anesthesia on a child who can’t sit still.

The benefit to your children is a calming effect. If they have extreme anxiety about a procedure, sedation helps them endure the visit and leave with no bad memories. Even after you’ve talked to them beforehand about what to expect, they may still be afraid. Sedation keeps them relaxed and completely unaware of what’s going on while the procedure is happening.

Risks of Sedation

You need to visit an experienced pediatric sedation dentistry professional because if sedation isn’t delivered in the correct dosage, serious and even fatal consequences can occur. In the hands of an expert pediatric dentist, the use of laughing gas for kids and other sedatives is completely safe. The chances of over-sedation are minimal.

Children are particularly at risk because of their anatomy. Having larger tonsils increases the chances of their airways being obstructed. Specifically, children under age six can more easily have their airways blocked. Your children’s dentist in Brooklyn knows this and always recommends safe methods of sedation.

Trust Your Toddler Dentist in Brooklyn

Sedation isn’t always required. You should ask questions to find out if it is required for your children’s procedure. Sometimes, a local anesthetic like Novocain is all that’s needed to make a procedure painless. Another alternative is using silver diamine fluoride, rubbed on decayed areas in your child’s mouth, to eliminate or reduce the chances of infection.

The best pediatric dentist must have extensive experience, a caring approach and a passion for helping children keep those big, beautiful smiles. You’ll find that and more at Brooklyn Pediatric Dentistry Center, where the entire team is trained to calmly manage children of all ages and needs.

When a child receives sedation dentistry, we monitor their vital signs continuously during treatment and for a while afterward. We will only let them leave our dental office when we are certain they are well enough to go home. When you take them home, we will give you precise instructions on how to care for them while they recover, and of course, we are always available if you have any queries at any time while they heal.

Do you have any questions about the Sedation for Kids & Teens in Brooklyn? For more information or to schedule an appointment with the best pediatric dentist in Brooklyn Igor Khabensky DDS of Brooklyn Pediatric Dentistry Center? Please contact our pediatric dental for consultation with the kids dentist Igor Khabensky DDS.


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